The Steps to Being a Professional

28 Jun 2010

Successful real estate selling is based on being well-informed about the hidden strategies of the trade. If you do decide that you want to be a real estate professional a profession that will most likely bring you into the inner sanctum of the cult, how do you get started?

Apart from taking the usual course and getting licensed, Tom Hopkins believes you should take the following steps:

  • Have a professional photograph taken. Clients like to put a face to the name, especially the person they picked to sell their house.
  • Get a cell phone with voice mail. This is indispensable, if you want to return calls promptly.
  • Purchase a good computer with a high processor capacity, and get your hands on software such as ACT!, Goldmine or Top Producer.
  • Get email. Who doesnt need an email address these days? Surveys show that less than 6% of real estate agents with email check their mail twice a day. Be ahead of the pack.
  • Get Internet be familiar with thousands of resources dedicated to the real estate industry: industry news, training opportunities, public records, lead generation, etc. Be sure you have Mapquest (you dont want to waste time figuring out how to get to a particular address).
  • Have a digital camera handy. Youll want to produce quality photographs of the properties youre selling. And dont forget to have business cards printed.

About Doubts
Some individuals have doubts about a real estate professionals competence when theyre just starting out. Experience is, after all, the old reliable in any profession, not just in real estate.

But the true, beginning professionals dont let this long-held belief discourage them. They are usually able to demonstrate, quite skilfully, that they are the hungriest and the most willing to do whatever it takes to sell a house.

Enthusiasm and zeal go a long way two traits that older professionals sometimes take for granted because theyve been in the business long enough to develop a subtle smugness.

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