On The Prowl For Hot Properties!

1 Jul 2010

“Hot shots” is the name given to jackpot properties that every person who dabbles in real estate part time or full time watches out for. They keep their eyes and ears open to potential deals and jump at the first opportunity as soon as they know that the jackpot property is in the market. Their gut instincts tell them that this property will generate handsome dividends if the deal is handled properly.

Separating the Good from the Bad

Being able to discern the difference between a good and bad piece of property usually comes with insider knowledge and long years of active duty in the real estate battlefield. One writer calls real estate an emotional business. One manifestation of this is that buyers are easily swayed by the appearance of the building or its fantastic location.

But Tyler Hicks says that “buying the wrong real estatecan be a mistake. You really wont be penalized for life. But you may have a few years of tight money. Thats why its important that every piece of real estate you buy be a good ‘fit’ for you.”

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