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    A Model of Selling Success

    Robert Allens concentric circle theory makes for intelligent hunting for hot properties. The circle has a small circle in the middle called the “center” The circles around it are identified as A, B, C, and D A being closest to the center. The theory works this way: compare real estate to student housing. The nearer the student apartment is to campus, the higher the rent is and the lower the turnover is. That student apartment therefore being in circle A is a good investment. The same applies to houses. Which neighborhoods are nearer to centers of employment, education, shopping and conveniences? Try to hunt for properties in the A circle, and avoid those in the D area. Introducing the Dont Wanter Dont-wanters are people who will give anything to se
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    Leasing instead of Selling

    Lease with option to buy: a lease option has a longer term than a straight option, usually running for as long as one year or longer. Some will even stretch to three years, depending on the whim of the seller. While your lease is ongoing, you can rent out the property and be in a positive cash flow. The second advantage is, the property is appreciating in value. If you have a long lease option, you can then sell the property for the highest price you can obtain. One last strategy for hot picks: be on the alert for long leases. Long leases will ensure that a property will be rented or leased for long periods of time, not just a year. Some commercial leases for example go for as long as 5 or 10 years. One example is the government. Take post offices as the be
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    Finding Hot Properties

    Be on the lookout for re-negotiated real estate deals, what Tyler calls the “real estate workouts“. These are deals where lenders, so as not to foreclose on a property, extend the term of the mortgage loan so that monthly payments and terms are easier for individuals. This is how the real estate pros lay their hands on properties about to be foreclosed because the property is being sold below market price. Want to have fun and get educated at the same time? Attend local property auctions. This is more for networking purposes and to get potential leads from others who make it a business to attend these auctions religiously. If one leading broker likes you, he/she may steer you to the right deals. Keep a roving eye on government assistance programs, specifically
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    On The Prowl For Hot Properties!

    “Hot shots” is the name given to jackpot properties that every person who dabbles in real estate part time or full time watches out for. They keep their eyes and ears open to potential deals and jump at the first opportunity as soon as they know that the jackpot property is in the market. Their gut instincts tell them that this property will generate handsome dividends if the deal is handled properly. Separating the Good from the Bad Being able to discern the difference between a good and bad piece of property usually comes with insider knowledge and long years of active duty in the real estate battlefield. One writer calls real estate an emotional business. One manifestation of this is that buyers are easily swayed by the appear


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